Body Break – Middle and Lower Trapezius

5 minutes! You can do this!

-Get on hands and knees, with your wrists under your shoulders and your knees under your hips.
-Make sure your spine is neutral – not rounding up to the ceiling and not sagging down to the ground. Pull your belly button in to your spine for support.
-Imagine you have suspenders gently connecting the bottoms of your shoulder blades down to your back pockets.
-Take a big inhale. On your exhale, pull your belly in and extend your right arm up towards your right ear. Keep using your suspenders to move the shoulder blades down the back, away from the ears. Those are your mid and lower traps working!
-Bring the right arm back down. Repeat with the left arm.
-If you want an extra challenge for the shoulders, abs and glutes, extend the opposite leg when you extend the arm.

Pilates can help with shoulder discomfort by releasing the upper Trapezius and strengthening the middle/lower Trapezius, balancing out the muscle as a whole and encouraging optimal function.

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