Mini Anatomy Lesson – Middle and Lower Trapezius

In this column, we learned that the Trapezius is a large muscle spanning both sides of the spine, from the base of the skull down through the middle of the back. The Upper “Traps” are familiar to a lot of us because they get sore from overuse.
You can help relieve sore shoulders by doing this stretch AND by starting to strengthen your Middle and Lower Trapezius muscles. The Mid and Lower Traps help stabilize the scapulae, so that we aren’t so quick to shrug our shoulders. Even though the Mid and Lower Traps don’t extend our spine, they do help with the feeling and look of “standing up straight” by taking us out of the hunched over position we all get from driving and sitting at computers.

(Thanks again to the Trail Guide to the Body for helping me with my anatomy!)

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